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Independent Play with Tory Halpin

“Observe more, do less, enjoy most.” - Magda Gerber

You are a lot of things to your child... but you are not their entertainer.

Discover the value of independent play. Learn how exactly to support your kids - with actionable phrases, specific guidelines, and so much more!

Why is independent play so important?


Watch your kids thrive in more areas than you thought possible - if kids don't need to rely on their caregivers for entertainment, their whole world will open up (and yours will too!). I firmly believe independent play is the root of so much in childhood... and beyond.

If your kids are content on their own (without adults constantly entertaining them or interrupting them), and instead you're able to just let them just BE… your whole experience as a parent is going to get that much better, easier, more magical. And your kids will thrive too.

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Kind Words about Tory Halpin


"Tory, you have inspired me to be a better mum, you have taught me so many ways to speak to my kids while I have been struggling with for years. Thank you for your time, effort & all the research you do."

Shaakira S.

"The solutions you offer to help me raise my child to be empathetic, understanding and respected person I want him to be their weight in gold. You are extremely appreciated."

Meg L.

"You are an authentic resource for us parental figures and we love you for it! Thank you for putting in so much work. We appreciate you."

Haley K.

"Your account has been life changing for me and my husband as we prepare to welcome our new baby any day now! We are so thankful for the time you take and information you share to help other parents."

Kassidy B.

"I'm learning soooo much and I'm grateful for all the research you've done and for sharing your experiences."

Laura M.

"I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I have learned a lot and it gives me confidence in my parenting."

Arezoo K.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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Learn why independent play is so important, and how to foster those skills with your child. 

This course is filled with research, actionable phrases and guidance, and addresses common concerns and questions!

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