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The Independent Play Course

What does the course look like?

This course is broken up into four major sections, and within each section there are modules and sub modules. They vary in length, some being only a couple minutes long, and some being longer than that. I did this purposefully so that you could do this course at your own pace. You can watch the whole thing at once, or complete a couple of submodules at a time.

Section one is "The Basics". We’re really diving into WHY this matters, so that you can take your kid’s play seriously and be confident in why it’s so important. We’ll be talking about what play is, why it’s seemingly so hard these days, concerns about speech, how to meaningfully connect with our kids, and more.

Section two is "Setup". We’ll talk about the different types of toys, how to display them (and easily rotate them!), and where play should ideally be happening in your home. 

Section three and four are "Build It Naturally" and "Be Intentional". These are the actionable items - these sections really focus on what to do… and what not to do. I'll walk you through ways of shifting your own thinking that is going to make a huge difference in their play. We'll also talk about how you can be intentional in fostering your child’s independent play skills, along with how to really start this in your home. These last two sections are filled with really great actionable steps, phrases you can use, and so much more.

This is an online course, delivered in video format. The full course is just over two hours long. This course is intended as advice only.


What Other Parents Are Saying:

I finished the course and I loved it!! I want to say THANK YOU you don't know how much it meant to me and my family. It is also SO inspiring and it goes beyond the play… it's about an entire parenting perspective.

Mara, mom of three

Your course has truly been life changing. I can honestly say I do not feel overwhelmed as a stay at home mom. I am able to clean and relax and get everything I need done while the kids are awake. Their naps and bedtime are for me to wind-down too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I will shout it from the rooftops to all my soon to be mom friends that they have to get your course!!!

Stephanie, mom of two

I took your course I enjoyed every moment of every part of it. You should be lecturing in university and your course should be mandatory for every parent and caregiver!

Pauline, mom of two + grandma of three

Thank you so much for such a great course! Not only did I learn so much about independent play, but there was so much additional information and insights that are useful for this first time mom. Excited to be implementing these strategies with my three month old.

Tamara, mom of one

I started implementing your strategies a week ago and you have already changed my life!!! I work from home and keep my daughter home with me and I was losing my mind trying to entertain her all day and get work done. On top of that I felt so much guilt because she's an only child and doesn't go to daycare for any "socialization". The research and science you brought into your course made me cry feeling so free of all the guilt I had. Today I worked for 30 min while my daughter played and it was AMAZING! Then for nap time routine I was excited to spend time with her instead of being on my final straw and getting through it. Thank you thank you thank you!

Rachel, mom of one

I'm loving the course and working my way through it and have implemented changes and wow - the change in our boy has been great!! It just hit me this morning that we have barely turned our TV on since starting your course!!

Taylor, mom of one

I have been working through your course over the last few days and I'm speechless! Today I told my daughter (aged 4 and used to lots of adult interaction) that I was going to do some ironing whilst she played. Set my board up in the living room where her toys were. We started at 8:34 and I thought 10/15 mins was an optimistic target. She had a brief break at 8:50 to use the bathroom and switch toys and then went straight back to playing- it's now 9:30 and she's still going!!! | honestly can't believe it. She usually cries for me and can't manage any independent play.

Louise, mom of one

That's why I took your course! Parenting seemed so much harder than it needed to be. I feel so empowered now.

Danielle, mom of three

I took your course when I was 37 weeks pregnant, hoping it wasn't too late to help us manage 2 under 2. It had an immediate and huge impact with my toddler, and has even helped me gain a bit of sanity with my newborn! Everyone comments on how well my toddler plays independently!!

Sara, mom of two

Before, I started the course I was struggling a lot with my son. Trying to keep him content and happy. I always knew the importance of independent play and to be honest I thought I was offering my son independent play. However, after taking the course I realized all the mistakes I was making. I was actually able to make some changes early on in the course that made a huge difference in my son being able to play on his own. Now, after having the course for a while I have seen huge changes in my parenting, and my sons playing. I have recommended this course to many people and will continue to do so as it has truly been life changing for me.

Anastasia, mom of one

You are appreciated and out here changing lives! Motherhood is a true joy, and I can say that confidently because of the knowledge I've gained from your course.

Denise, mom of two

I have absolutely loved this, and wish I had it with my first. I feel it would've made becoming a first time mom a MUCH better experience. She's almost 3 now and has been thriving. I really researched a lot online, read parenting books, even purchased other courses, but your course embodied the exact parenting style I've been looking for.

Kayla, mom of two